Medford Multicare Center
Medford Multicare Center
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Our rehab center was designed with our residents in mind.Our large gym is open, airy, free-flowing, and comfortable. It is equipped with the newest technology in the market, including the OmniVR Virtual Rehabilitation System, Litegait for those who have difficulty standing or walking to alleviate a fear of falling, virtual reality treadmills with screens that simulate cross country settings to motivate residents, and more.

Re-learn how to transfer in and out of an automobile by practicing entering and exiting our custom designed Medford Multicare PT Cruiser located inside our Rehab Center.

Adapt to life back home while at Medford Multicare in a complete home environment. Receive real-life training in our Activities of Daily Living apartment, equipped with a fully furnished bedroom, state-of-the-art kitchen and gorgeous marble bathroom.

Acquire training to manage at home. Simulate shopping at Giella’s Market Place. Experience Medford Multicare Center’s mini-golf course and shuffle board court. Installed for the exclusive use of our rehab residents, these familiar, fun recreational activities provide additional opportunities to regain and increase range of motion, mobility and endurance.

  "Goin Home"

Our highly trained therapy staff delivers subacute rehabilitation services including physical, occupational and speech therapy to our residents.

Services are designed to meet each resident’s individual needs and prepare families for their return home.

Our goal is to assist our residents to regain their maximum level of function and enable their return home after regaining their highest level of independence possible.


Medford Multicare Center for Living offers Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy. Our Rehab Team is made up of over 20 members who provide therapy 6 days a week, up to 2 hours per day, for our short-term patients and long-term residents.

Our Occupational Therapy Service includes retraining of activities of daily living and functional activities to improve independence, and our Speech Pathologists work with swallowing and vital stimulation of the throat.


At Medford Multicare Center for Living our therapists go the extra mile for the resident. As part of our interdisciplinary team, our therapists key in on the needs of the resident and offer patient-centered care.

Goals are established for each client based on their medical assessment and physical and cognitive abilities. Whether the objective is for a rehab patient to go home, or for a patient to return the condition they were in prior to arrival at Medford, we strive to provide the individualized services needed.

Short-Term Rehab: Client and family centered goals are established to optimize the patient’s function with the objective to return home.

In conjunction with our nursing and social work departments, arrangements are coordinated for equipment or services that may be needed in preparation of discharge.

Long-Term Residents: Our long-term residents are assessed upon admission and by our interdisciplinary team. Rehab may be provided, when appropriate, to improve the quality of life of the resident, address a functional decline, increase functional ability and independence, or implement adaptive equipment or braces. Our long-term residents live here, and we realize how important it is to help them maintain as much independence as possible. Therapy for Ventilator Patients: As part of the interdisciplinary team, our therapists work in attempts to wean ventilator patients, to build endurance, on activities of daily living, and on ambulation, when appropriate. Our goal for our ventilator patients is to improve their quality of life, make them as comfortable as possible and make sure they are positioned properly.
Medfor Multicare Center
We treat, among other illnesses and injuries:

CVA/Stroke • Orthopedic Conditions • Degenerative Joint Disease • Joint Replacements • New Onset of Fractures
Neurological Conditions including MS, Guillain-Barre´, and Neuropathies • Cardiac • Decrease in Endurance/Mobility
Above and Below Knee Amputations: From initial surgery follow-up to prosthesis fitting and gait training.
Medford Multicare Center